Row bind lists of tweets/users data whilst also preserving and binding users/tweets attribute data.




List of parsed tweets data or users data, each of which presumably contains an attribute of the other (i.e., users data contains tweets attribute; tweets data contains users attribute).


A single merged (by row) data frame (tbl) of tweets or users data that also contains as an attribute a merged (by row) data frame (tbl) of its counterpart, making it accessible via the users_data or tweets_data extractor functions.

See also

Other parsing: tweets_with_users()


if (FALSE) { ## lapply through three different search queries lrt <- lapply( c("rstats OR tidyverse", "data science", "python"), search_tweets, n = 5000 ) ## convert list object into single parsed data rame rt <- do_call_rbind(lrt) ## preview tweets data rt ## preview users data users_data(rt) }