Convert Twitter data into a network-friendly data frame

Convert Twitter data into network graph object (igraph)

network_data(.x, .e = c("mention,retweet,reply,quote"))

network_graph(.x, .e = c("mention,retweet,reply,quote"))



Data frame returned by rtweet function


Type of edge/link–i.e., "mention", "retweet", "quote", "reply". This must be a character vector of length one or more. This value will be split on punctuation and space (so you can include multiple types in the same string separated by a comma or space). The values "all" and "semantic" are assumed to mean all edge types, which is equivalent to the default value of c("mention,retweet,reply,quote")


A from/to data edge data frame

An igraph object


network_data returns a data frame that can easily be converted to various network classes. For direct conversion to a network object, see network_graph.

network_graph requires previous installation of the igraph package. To return a network-friendly data frame, see network_data

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if (FALSE) { ## search for #rstats tweets rstats <- search_tweets("#rstats", n = 200) ## create from-to data frame representing retweet/mention/reply connections rstats_net <- network_data(rstats, "retweet,mention,reply") ## view edge data frame rstats_net ## view user_id->screen_name index attr(rstats_net, "idsn") ## if igraph is installed... if (requireNamespace("igraph", quietly = TRUE)) { ## (1) convert directly to graph object representing semantic network rstats_net <- network_graph(rstats) ## (2) plot graph via igraph.plotting plot(rstats_net) } }