Returns Twitter's list of suggested user categories.

Returns users from a specific, suggested category

suggested_slugs(lang = NULL, token = NULL)

suggested_users(slug, lang = NULL, token = NULL)



optional Restricts the suggested categories to the requested language. The language must be specified by the appropriate two letter ISO 639-1 representation.


OAuth token. By default token = NULL fetches a non-exhausted token from an environment variable. Find instructions on how to create tokens and setup an environment variable in the tokens vignette (in r, send ?tokens to console).


required The short name of list or a category


List of recommended categories which can be passed along as the "slug" parameter in suggested_users

Recommended users


# NOT RUN { ## get slugs slugs <- suggested_slugs() ## use slugs to get suggested users suggested_users(slugs$slug[1]) # }