Saves tweets and users data as CSV files.

save_as_csv(x, file_name, prepend_ids = TRUE, na = "",
  fileEncoding = "UTF-8")



Data table to be saved (tweets or user object) generated via rtweet function like search_tweets. If x is a list object containing both tweets and users data (which is currently the output for many of the rtweet functions), then a CSV file is created and saved for each object using the file_name provided as a base--e.g, if x is a list object from search_tweets with file_name = "election", this function will save both the tweets data ("election.tweets.csv") and the user data ("election.users.csv"). If not included in file_name, the CSV extension will be added when writing file to disk.


Path/file name where object(s) is to be saved. If object includes both tweets and users data then provided file_name will be used as base for the two saved files. For example, file_name = "election", would save files as "election.tweets.csv" and "election.users.csv".


Logical indicating whether to prepend an "x" before all Twitter IDs (for users, statuses, lists, etc.). It's recommended when saving to CSV as these values otherwise get treated as numeric and as a result the values are often less precise due to rounding or other class-related quirks. Defaults to true.


Value to be used for missing (NA)s. Defaults to empty character, "".


Encoding to be used when saving to CSV. defaults to "UTF-8".